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You can’t avoid Facebook

Today I decided I had to get rid off the annoying Facebook ‘Like’ buttons that appear on various websites (“Nuclear disaster in Japan – [Like] 123213 people like this!”). A quick google search came up with an easy solution described … Continue reading

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Selecting text in the windows console

The console window under Windows sucks and everybody (at least those who ever used a terminal under some UNIX OS) knows. The most annoying thing for me is that you can’t copy & paste text from it. Today I found … Continue reading

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Cygwin: program does nothing when executed

I’ve been using Cygwin to develop programs under Win32 for quite a while. After installing a new package, various programs I had compiled earlier were broken in a strange way: they simply did nothing at all when executed. No error … Continue reading

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Automated formating of old, ugly source code

I recently had to deal with tons of old and ugly C source code. Obviously many different people had worked on it over the years and the code used many different coding styles and had very weird and inconsistent indentation. … Continue reading

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Photo website moved, no camera atm

I have moved my photo website to I guess it will stay there for quite a while. The albums there were created with jalbum, you can also see most of them there. The sad thing is that I don’t … Continue reading

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Windows Vista: high CPU load when LAN cable plugged in

A friend recently visited me with his notebook that is running Windows Vista. As soon as we plugged in the network cable, everything became very slow for him, task manager showed a cpu load of ~30% even though not a … Continue reading

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OpenSuSE / KDE: disabling grouping of windows

Window grouping in SuSE almost drove me nuts. Under OpenSuSE 11.3, the window grouping function seems partly broken. If activated multiple windows of the same application (like multiple instances of okular or the main window and the data window of … Continue reading

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