You can’t avoid Facebook

Today I decided I had to get rid off the annoying Facebook ‘Like’ buttons that appear on various websites (“Nuclear disaster in Japan – [Like] 123213 people like this!”).

A quick google search came up with an easy solution described at if you’re using FireFox and the great Adblock+ plugin (ABP), all you have to do is add these to lines to your list of filter strings:**

So I opened the ABP interface, guess what I saw:

Facebook everywhere


The filtering works great though it seems so far.

Update: If you also want to remove Twitter’s ‘Tweet this’ button and various links to other social networks, you can use MonztAs Social-Filter for ABP. Simply save the text file to your computer, then click ABP > Preferences in Firefox. In the Adblock Plus Preferences window, go to File > Import filter… and navigate to the text file you saved earlier. Done.


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PhD student in bioinformatics, interested in photography, level design, digital image manipulation, architecture and, of course, bioinformatics.
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