Removing and ignoring files and directories with Subversion

I’m using Subversion 1.6 for version control. I manage source code with it which is often stored in a project folder of some IDE like Netbeans.

Problem I: some of the files in the project directory are machine-specific and should not be added to SVN in the first place.

If you did NOT already add them, you can make SVN ignore them with a command like this:

svn propedit svn:ignore ./nbproject/private/

SVN will open an editor, just type the patters you want to ignore, using the * wildcard syntax. Here’s an example:


Problem II: I often add a whole directory tree and discover only afterwards that some of the files need to be ignored.

In this case, you have to remove the files from SVN first before you can ignore them (but read below before you execute this command):

cd nbproject
svn rm private

Problem III: But what if you need a local copy of the files for your IDE, i.e., you want to delete them from the repo on the server but NOT locally?

In this case, do the same as above but use the keep local option:
cd nbproject
svn rm --keep-local private

Hope it helps someone else, too.


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