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Copying many files under Windows, continue on errors

If you ever tried to copy or move many files using Windows Explorer, you’ll know the problem: you start the process, come back hours later and expect it to be finished and it did almost nothing. It may have hit … Continue reading

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Steam: Game unavailable, Update paused and title shown in yellow

I recently reinstalled Windows 7 on my gaming box. Before doing this I saved the Steam folder on another partition using the official guide given here so I did not have to re-download all the stuff. When I started Steam … Continue reading

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Creating a Postgresql 9 database at another filesystem path

If you create a new PostgreSQL database but want it to be stored at a specific place in the filesystem (I’ll assume /srv/pgsql/data/ here), you can do this with the CREATE command. In earlier PostgreSQL versions, you could do it … Continue reading

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