Wireless remote shutter release with the Nikon D800

The D800 is not the camera you buy for taking selfies, but when I test lighting setups on my own in my improvised home studio, I need a remote shutter release. Cables are annoying, so I bought the Nikon ML-L3 for my Nikon D7000 a while ago. When I got the D800 and searched for the IR mode setting on the release mode dial, I could not find it. Here it is on the Nikon D7000:

D7000 with Nikon ML-L3 (using internal IR sensor)
Nikon D7000 with Nikon ML-L3 remote shutter release (using internal IR sensor). Note the icon selected on the release mode dial.

After some investigation, it turned out that the D800 does NOT have an internal IR receiver — that’s why there is no button. So in short, the ML-L3 is completely useless for the D800, you need external gear. 😐 So I had to get something else. What I finally settled with is the Pixel RW-221/DC0 Oppilas. You get a sender and a small receiver you can attach to the D800 via the DC0 port. It is € 30 and works pretty well. Note that you do NOT have to attach it to the flash port, you can leave it dangle in case you need the flash port for something else.

D800 with Pixel RW-221/DC0 Oppilas (sender + external receiver attached to DC0 port)
Nikon D800 with Pixel RW-221/DC0 Oppilas (sender + external receiver attached to DC0 port)

It supports single exposure, multi expose, bulb and timing modes and the plastic button feels OK after getting used to it. Other companies offer similar stuff in the same price range so check what is available.

It is also notable that you are NOT gonna be able to use the DC0 version with the D7000 since it does not have a DC0 port (you can buy a second cable for cheap though).


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4 Responses to Wireless remote shutter release with the Nikon D800

  1. Jon says:

    i bought a smilar external from vello for my d800. It has a 10 pin connector as well and claims to work with the D800. Are there settings that you need to setup in order to allow the D800 to use an external shutter? If so, what are they? any advice would be appreciated. Thanks

  2. Bjorn Hock says:

    There shouldn’t be any special setup required for either the Vello Shutterboss or FreeWave remote shutters.

  3. faresaddine says:

    I haven’t used it with P7000 but in case of D80 and D90, once you put shutter release mode into remote mode, you don’t have to go and put it back on remote mode. There should be some way to do it for your camera. – See more at:

  4. Ben says:

    I should had seen this before I have bought the ML-L3 for my D800.

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