Where did MyShutterspace go?

The online photo community website MyShutterspace.com has been offline for quite a while now. On the website it says that they are gonna be back soon:



…but this message has been there for weeks now. The website was rather small and lacked a fancy voting system (and something like browse by popularity), but I still liked it and had many of my photos uploaded there. Does anybody know what’s going on?

UPDATE 1,  Oct 2014: It seems many people from the site moved to Picturesocial.com.

UPDATE2, Sept 2016: Picturesocial.com is also down now it seems. Maybe it’s time to ignore these kind of pages and move on to something else.


About dfspspirit

PhD student in bioinformatics, interested in photography, level design, digital image manipulation, architecture and, of course, bioinformatics.
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14 Responses to Where did MyShutterspace go?

  1. vicky says:

    what happens to the photos that were uploaded there????some people had them only there and no where else. how can we get them back?????

  2. dfspspirit says:

    Yes, interesting question. I have backups of all my photos (it’s not that I upload the RAW images anyway, but I also have the edited versions backup up), but I had a collection of about 100 of my best shots uploaded there. While I have all the images, I do not know which ones were part of that collection. And I had many great images by others marked with the ‘favorite’ function.

    I liked MSS and I hope they will really be back soon, but atm the MyShutterspace website is *still* down…

  3. dfspspirit says:

    It seems that many of the old MSS members went to http://www.picturesocial.com. (And the site looks more or less like a copy of MSS to me — from both a design and functionality point of view.)

  4. Joe Mac says:

    It is a mystery for sure, I had over 1500 photos there. I have them all saved also but I liked being able to access the site. dfspspirit is correct, many of us have moved on to picture social but it is not quite the same

  5. dfspspirit says:

    Wow, 1500 pics is a lot.

    I’m thinking about uploading my pics to PictureSocial, but I’m not sure about this yet:
    if the site is so similar to MSS, was it done by the same people? And will it one day just share the fate of MSS and silently disappear, taking all the photos with it?

    So is it worth it to invest the time and upload all the pics there and tag them poperly etc.? My time is limited and I have my doubts.

  6. Cat Gonnering says:

    I too was an avid user of MSS and just set up an account for picturesocial. Im waiting for approval. Part of the reason I loved MSS is because it felt like a true community and I enjoyed the site very much. I hope that picturesocial will like that as well. I am sad to see MSS down for so long and I am beginning to doubt it will come back 😦

  7. Michael James says:

    Not sure why everyone is crying about MSS because frankly the system that was used to glorify some of the supposed uploaders was flawed. That person did not have to upoad any great shots. All that was needed was to comment on as many shots as possible and you ended up at the top of the heap. That aspect of the site should have been cancelled. It was not needed. When I found out about this, I cancelled out almost immediately.

    • dfspspirit says:

      That is absolutely true, but I don’t care too much whether the site considers me a top contributor or not. If one is interested in this, one needs to invest a lot of time at almost any website. My time is limited and I’d rather spend it taking photos than commenting on a website 24/7, so I’m out of such competitions.
      What bothered me more was the fact that the images could not be sorted by number of views/likes or something like that, as I mentioned before. You had to click through lots of rather boring images too find something great.

  8. Mark Saywood says:

    I too miss mss, it was a great way to share my love of photography with like minded people.
    And like many others if the site never returns then I will lose photos forever.
    I have tried to access the site, but at first all I got was the “under maintenance message”,now it says not found, so I don’t think it will be back.
    Not sure if I will give picture social a try as they want you to try to get other people to join as 1 of the steps in joining.

    • dfspspirit says:

      Right, they changed the message into a 404 now it seems.
      I joined PictureSocial, it seems it’s exactly the same thing. And they allow mass upload now (not limited to 3 photos a day). While this allowed me to re-upload many of my shots from MSS in a short time, I have my doubts whether this is a good idea in general. I don’t want to look at 400 photos of someone’s grandchild that they mass-uploaded…

      I did not have to invite anybody while joining btw. Either this is new or you can skip it somehow.

  9. Heinrich Mergel says:

    Hey, dfspspirit.
    PictureSocial looks so similar because it is based on the same framework (Ning.com).
    Both communities have been around for several years. I’ve joined both 3 years ago, but decided to stick to myshutterspace. Looks like it’s been a bad move 🙂

  10. Alberto Morales says:

    I’ve known a lot of good, friendly people through MSS. Some of them became my friends in facebook. For some who are not fond of fb I used to communicate with them by messages in
    MSS and that’s myconcern. How could I be able to be in contact with them again? I also uploaded more than a thousand photos in MSS.

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