Disable the pinentry GUI window (for ssh, svn+ssh, gpg, …) under Linux

Under SuSE 13.1, when you run a ssh+svn command on the console to commit to a subversion repository, you sometimes get an annoying behaviour: instead of prompting for the password in the shell, a pinentry GUI window pops up and asks for the password.

This drove me nuts because

1) you have to enter the password twice in there

2) if you have your console always in the foreground (like yakuake), you won’t even see the GUI window which popped up behind it and think ssh was broken because there is no way to enter the password, it just seems stuck.


So to get rid of this annoying thing, do


You can also put this into ~/.bashrc, ~/.profile or a similar file.

UPDATE: Wow, there is even more of this stuff. When using git, you may get another annoying GUI password tool: ksshaskpass.

Nobody (and no package on my box) requires it, so remove it:

zypper remove ksshaskpass

You think you are done? Nope. Next try — and the next stupid tool in the line comes up. This one is not only as annoying as all the others, it is also ugly as hell:


So disable it by adding this line to your ~/.bashrc and ~/.profile as well:


I think we may be done. But you never know.



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3 Responses to Disable the pinentry GUI window (for ssh, svn+ssh, gpg, …) under Linux

  1. esalagea says:


    Thanks for this post. I had the pin-entry stupid pop-up showing up for git-svn ever since I upgraded to fedora 20. It seems solved now. Best regards.

  2. esalagea says:

    Reblogged this on esalagea and commented:
    I finally got rid of stupid popups asking me for the password over and over (git-svn)

  3. dguitarbite says:

    unset command works for me. Just add it to .bashrc or .zshrc and you are set 🙂 Thanks.

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