Quake 3 DM map: spirit3t3a — Terror twilight

spirit3t3a — Terror twilight II

This small 1vs1 map in a future theme has some rather tight corridors connecting the MH/YA and RA areas.

This is a second release of spirit3t3 that has been improved for competetive gameplay with the help of a number of people over at promode.org. It has even more clipping, improved connectivity and less teleporters. The RA area has been completely redesigned.

Quick info

status: final
release date: 08 / 2007
license: GPL (.map file included in the archive)
gameplay: tourney (1vs1), small TDM / FFA


YA area:

old RA area from spirit3t3, new version has 2 entrances:

RG room:

MH location:



Download spirit3t3a.zip from maps.rcmd.org


About dfspspirit

PhD student in bioinformatics, interested in photography, level design, digital image manipulation, architecture and, of course, bioinformatics.
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