Quake 2 DM map: spirit2dm5 — Oceans Apart

spirit2dm5 – Oceans apart

A duel map set in a dark and slightly futuristic base at night on some planet far away. It has rather high contrast lighting with many spotlights. I wanted to try another style of texturing with this one – less Q2 and more abstract – and chose the OblivionQ2 texture set (author unknown). The layout and gameplay also include some things I haven’t done before. Altogether the map is still far from experimental though, I just took a short break from the usual style of my Q2 maps.

Quick info

status: final
release date: 09 / 2010
license: GPL (.map file included in archive)
gameplay: tourney (1vs1) | FFA 3-4


MH room:

central area, above CG:

GA/RL passage:

close to RA:


Download spirit2dm5.zip from maps.rcmd.org


About dfspspirit

PhD student in bioinformatics, interested in photography, level design, digital image manipulation, architecture and, of course, bioinformatics.
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