Quake2World map: In the arms of Lilith — 1vs1

lilith — In the arms of Lilith

A great tourney map for q2w. The Q2 edition of this map was originally built for the 6th mapping contest at the Quake 2 Cafe, but the map was designed and tested with Quake2World from the very beginning. I had to remove many details and features from this map to port it back to Q2 to submit it to that contest, so make sure to play the Q2W edition for the full experience!

This map comes with Q2W, so all you have to do to play it is to type ‘map lilith’ in the Q2W in-game console.

Many hours of playtesting went into this map and I’d like to thank dfsp*henneck and the Q2w team for playing the early and ugly alpha versions against me. The great textures were made by Rorshach, with a few additonal ones made by Evillair and the Tremulous team. Keres made normal maps for this level and jdolan implemented some features into the engine that I needed and did lots of fine-tuning on the materials and lighting.

Quick info

status: final (comes with Quake2World, just type ‘/map lilith’)
released: 09 / 2008
license: GPL (.map file included in archive)
gameplay: tourney (1vs1)


Central room:

lower GA

upper corridor, between MH and LG

central room, view towards RG and RL


A short video of me running through the map.


Included with the free game Quake2World, get it at Quake2world.net.


About dfspspirit

PhD student in bioinformatics, interested in photography, level design, digital image manipulation, architecture and, of course, bioinformatics.
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