Removing the ‘Get Windows 10’ Notification under Windows 7

You may have noticed a new annoying notification in the lower right part of your desktop recently (June 2015). It looks like this:


and says “Get Windows 10”.

What is it?

First: it’s not a virus or spyware, and there is no reason to panic. It’s a small annoying ad that Microsoft sent you, nothing more. And you can remove it like any other icon in that area.

Here is how you remove it

UPDATE: It turns out it is not as easy as described here, the procedure below only removes it for the current session, the damn notification application gets restarted on next boot though and ignores your setting. Uninstalling the Windows ‘patch’ it came with also will not help if you have auto-updates enabled. I suggest you read the full story on howto remove it at and ignore the rest of this post. Sorry for the confusion.

1) Right-click the task bar in any empty place, and click Properties:


2) In the menu that pops up, look for Notification area and select Customize:


3) Find the item in the list (it is called ‘GWX — Get Windows 10’) and select ‘Hide icon and notification’ in the drop-down box on the right.


Hit apply and you are done. That’s it.


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