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Node.js package published

In my new job I am doing front-end coding with React.js, and every Javascript programmer needs to have some package published at I guess. 😉 So here is my first package: js-object-util It is inspired by the Immutable API … Continue reading

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Fun with processing.js

I started checking out various visualization tools for the web during the last few months. A project which I found very interesting is processing.js. This is a JS port of the processing language, an easy-to-use language to write visualizations or … Continue reading

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Perl script to create a geometric graph from a set of 2D points

Here is another quick script by me. It is a Perl script which can be used to construct a geometric graph from a set of points P = {p1, p2, …} in 2D, using some edge threshold t. The points … Continue reading

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Subversion: Merging specific commits of a specific user from a branch into trunk

I do some software development from time to time during my job at the university and I use Subversion (SVN) to manage my source code. When a bachelor or master student works on a software I wrote to implement some … Continue reading

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Removing and ignoring files and directories with Subversion

I’m using Subversion 1.6 for version control. I manage source code with it which is often stored in a project folder of some IDE like Netbeans. Problem I: some of the files in the project directory are machine-specific and should … Continue reading

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Making a backup of the structure of a PostgreSQL database

I’m currently extending a web application that uses a PostgreSQL 8 database to store various data. In situations like these you’ll usually have a web server and a database server installed on your development machine so you can test the … Continue reading

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Cygwin: program does nothing when executed

I’ve been using Cygwin to develop programs under Win32 for quite a while. After installing a new package, various programs I had compiled earlier were broken in a strange way: they simply did nothing at all when executed. No error … Continue reading

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