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Computing stuff on clusters (CPU/GPU).

Disk full but free space left on linux server — inode limit

Servers with many small files We are running some web servers at the institute which serve tons of files. The files are images of protein structures, and many meta data files for the images. The meta data is very small, … Continue reading

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Deleting many (more than 10k) jobs from an OpenPBS queue

Today I notices that the showq command of PBS may not list all jobs, you can configure the number of jobs it shows (it was set to 2000 on our system). That’s fine, but it’s a bit funny that running … Continue reading

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Giving your group members access to OpenPBS job output and error files

If you are working with a group of people on a cluster and use OpenPBS, the default permissions of the output and error log files are annoying because the person who started the job (maybe some days) is the only … Continue reading

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