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Enable code suggestions for Java in Netbeans 8 on every character entered

In the NetBeans 8 IDE, by default you get automatic code completion suggestions when typing a dot. You can also trigger the completion manually at any time by pressing CTRL + SPACE. Pressing that key combination all the time can … Continue reading

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Node.js package published

In my new job I am doing front-end coding with React.js, and every Javascript programmer needs to have some package published at I guess. 😉 So here is my first package: js-object-util It is inspired by the Immutable API … Continue reading

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Disable the pinentry GUI window (for ssh, svn+ssh, gpg, …) under Linux

Under SuSE 13.1, when you run a ssh+svn command on the console to commit to a subversion repository, you sometimes get an annoying behaviour: instead of prompting for the password in the shell, a pinentry GUI window pops up and … Continue reading

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SSH — Copying directory through an intermediate host

Suppose we need to copy stuff via SSH from the remote host target to our local computer mybox, but a firewall blocks direct SSH access to target. We need to connect to the intermediate host inter first and then, we … Continue reading

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Subversion: Merging specific commits of a specific user from a branch into trunk

I do some software development from time to time during my job at the university and I use Subversion (SVN) to manage my source code. When a bachelor or master student works on a software I wrote to implement some … Continue reading

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Linux and Bash: Replace spaces with underscores in all filenames

I find it annoying to have file names with whitespace characters in them under Linux, because I mainly work in the shell (Bash in my case) and it always requires ugly escaping. Here is my Bash solution to replace all … Continue reading

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Removing and ignoring files and directories with Subversion

I’m using Subversion 1.6 for version control. I manage source code with it which is often stored in a project folder of some IDE like Netbeans. Problem I: some of the files in the project directory are machine-specific and should … Continue reading

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