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Enable code suggestions for Java in Netbeans 8 on every character entered

In the NetBeans 8 IDE, by default you get automatic code completion suggestions when typing a dot. You can also trigger the completion manually at any time by pressing CTRL + SPACE. Pressing that key combination all the time can … Continue reading

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Disk full but free space left on linux server — inode limit

Servers with many small files We are running some web servers at the institute which serve tons of files. The files are images of protein structures, and many meta data files for the images. The meta data is very small, … Continue reading

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PostgreSQL server: auto vaccum not running and log entry ‘could not bind socket for statistics collector’

I recently had quite a bit of trouble with a PostgreSQL 9.3 server under linux. Auto-vaccum was not running even though it was enabled in the config file. The log file under /var/lib/pgsql/data/pg_log/ had the following entry: 2014-12-02 15:27:36 CET … Continue reading

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Deleting many (more than 10k) jobs from an OpenPBS queue

Today I notices that the showq command of PBS may not list all jobs, you can configure the number of jobs it shows (it was set to 2000 on our system). That’s fine, but it’s a bit funny that running … Continue reading

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The IMAP folder name terror

IMAP is a protocol for e-mail retrieval and storage. It allows you to create sub folders in your mailbox to store special mail: stuff like trash, drafts and sent messages. You can also define rules so that messages from your … Continue reading

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Disable the pinentry GUI window (for ssh, svn+ssh, gpg, …) under Linux

Under SuSE 13.1, when you run a ssh+svn command on the console to commit to a subversion repository, you sometimes get an annoying behaviour: instead of prompting for the password in the shell, a pinentry GUI window pops up and … Continue reading

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Vimeo does not work with Firefox and the FlashBlock plugin

The problem Recently, I noticed that Vimeo does not work anymore with the Flashblock Firefox Add-on: the play button shows up, but pressing it does not give you video during playback (even though audio works). I was using Firefox 27.0.1 … Continue reading

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