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Enable code suggestions for Java in Netbeans 8 on every character entered

In the NetBeans 8 IDE, by default you get automatic code completion suggestions when typing a dot. You can also trigger the completion manually at any time by pressing CTRL + SPACE. Pressing that key combination all the time can … Continue reading

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Book review: Design patterns in Java (Metsker & Wake)

Book details Title: Design patterns in Java Authors: Metsker, S. J. and Wake, W. C. Publisher: Addison-Wesley Year: 2006 Pages: 461 My description… This book is a modern version of the famous gang-of-four book (Design Patterns: Elements of Reusable Object-Oriented … Continue reading

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Removing and ignoring files and directories with Subversion

I’m using Subversion 1.6 for version control. I manage source code with it which is often stored in a project folder of some IDE like Netbeans. Problem I: some of the files in the project directory are machine-specific and should … Continue reading

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Automated formating of old, ugly source code

I recently had to deal with tons of old and ugly C source code. Obviously many different people had worked on it over the years and the code used many different coding styles and had very weird and inconsistent indentation. … Continue reading

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